Block/Facilities Management

Block/Facilities Management here at Access Accommodation

Whether you are a freeholder or leaseholder of a residential block of flats, our Block  Management team delivers comprehensive and flexible management services across Central London.

Our services include:


  • Full service charge budgeting, expenditure monitoring, reconciliation and year-end accounting
  • Health & safety compliance and risk management
  • Building audits
  • Employment and management of on-site staff
  • General Maintenance and Housekeeping
  • Contractor procurement and management of common parts
  • Tenancy management, Lease assignments and subletting compliance
  • Diligent handover processes when taking over from another managing agent
  • Terrorism contingency plans
  • Asset value enhancement


Our dedicated team, with its considerable block management expertise, have a proven track record in providing first-class residential property management services to Landlord and Freeholders. Our efforts are coordinated with registered reliable contractors and are supported by references from both Large and small clients.


For any further enquiries please contact:

Stewie Tuckey – Operations Manager

Monticello House | 45 Russell Square | WC1B 4JP

Tel: +44 (0)203 393 0700